YCTF Weekly 2 writeups

1. Easy

Category: Reverse Engineering

Description: Dude, It's an easy challenge.

Challenge file: <link>

Credit: Munazir

Solution: Executing the binary on linux asks for the password.

Now, use strings to get the exact matching pattern for passphrase.

We got some strange string 4/*A1zqi!*9 before the Passphrase, let's try to enter the string when asked for the password.

After we enter the passphrase, we get something in HEX format.


Pasting on cyberchef, we get the actual flag.

2. Never found

Category: Miscellaneus

Description: My friend is spying on our ycfteam website. But the page he was trying to access was never found later.

Link: https://ycfteam.in

Credit: Munazir


Solution: Understand the challenge name and description, what does it say?

Never found Which indicated/ similar to Not found. searching the Archive web for the 404 not found page on https://ycfteam.in/404,

We get the flag!

Description: Well, there is only one way to survive.

Link: https://cookiechallenge.pythonanywhere.com/

Credit: Munazir

Solution: Visiting the URL, we get the following page to enter the name. Some of you might think it is vulnerable to XSS. But hold on!

Directory bruteforcing will lead to the following result which reveals /cookie and /robots.txt

Visiting the robots.txt, we get another directory /sup3r_s3cr3t_d1r

Visiting /cookie directory to get the cookie, and we get the JWT token.

Take the token and paste it on https://token.dev change the values as admin: true and answer: yes

Now visit the /cookie again and change the cookie and refresh the page.

Then visit the /sup3r_s3cr3t_d1r again to get the flag!!!!

4. IE10.1

Description: Don't run away from problems; facing and solving them is the key to success.

Link: http://yctfinternet.liveblog365.com/

Credit: Gourav Suram

Writeup link: https://heapbytes.gitbook.io/notes/ctf-writeups/2023-ctfs/yctf-week-2-9-dec-23/web-security

5. Confluence

Description: Help my friend to download the flag.


Credit: Munazir

Writeup credit: Gourav Suram

Writeup link: https://heapbytes.gitbook.io/notes/ctf-writeups/2023-ctfs/yctf-week-2-9-dec-23/web-security/confluence

6. VM Writeup

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